God has given Missionary Evangelism a desire to minister through unique avenues of evangelism, children ministries, and education. Instead of allowing government-run educational institutions to propagate their own set of beliefs, we desire to help Christian leaders in the Latin world as they train young people in God’s Word.

We believe that, through the vehicle of education, the gospel will permeate different classes of people who have never heard the good news. Our desire is to see a new generation of established, Latin ministries take the next step of growth by pursuing Christian education.



The purpose of Missionary Evangelism is to promote the work of Christ in regions that have little or no fundamental gospel witness. It is our desire to give the gospel to those who have never heard. We strive to accomplish this by supporting local church development, supporting Bible institutes, planting Christian schools, developing youth ministries, and printing and distributing Christian literature and curriculum. We want to encourage those who are already laboring in the harvest fields and to help train those who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Through whatever ministry God gives us, we hope to shed the light of the gospel.


Missionary Evangelism Ministries was established in 1975 to be a witness and light to the Latin world. The organization has been involved with a number of ministries including medical evangelism, native church planting, and Christian education.

In the late 1970s, church planting and medical evangelism blossomed throughout Mexico. Our strong emphasis on children’s evangelism brought many souls into the family of God.

In the early 1980’s, our ministry spread in several directions. The medical evangelism was primarily focused in Honduras as the war waged between the Contras and Sandinistas. National pastors began shepherding the Mexican churches planted in the 1970s and soon they achieved full independence.

In 1987, a new aspect of Missionary Evangelism was established to serve the border region of Texas and Mexico. The result was a Christian educational institution called Macedonian Christian Academy.

Macedonian Christian Academy has flourished in training and discipling young people for the cause of Christ. This ministry has had close to 50% of its graduates work in full time or laymen ministries.

It soon became apparent that that many Latin families needed a place for their children to receive Godly training. As MCA grew in maturity and success, pastors and missionaries in Latin America began asking for help to establish their own Christian educational ministries. Missionary Evangelism is now developing a program to assist pastors and missionaries as they begin their own educational ministries. As our ministries grow, we know that God will remain faithful as we continue to serve Him.

Statement of Faith

Missionary Evangelism holds to the historic fundamentals of the faith. The following are statements of belief that we believe are vital.

I. The plenary, verbal, Divine inspiration of Scripture, consisting only of the 39 Old Testament and 27 New Testament books, in the original language, their consequent inerrancy and infallibility, and as the Word of God, the supreme and final authority in faith and life.
II. The triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Sovereign Creator, Sustainer and Ruler of the Universe.
III. The essential, absolute eternal Deity; and the real and proper, and sinless, humanity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
IV. His birth by the Virgin Mary.
V. His substitutionary, expiatory death.
VI. His resurrection from among the dead in the same body in which He was crucified, and the bodily return of this same Jesus to the earth in power and great glory to judge the earth and establish His Millennial Kingdom.
VII. The "blessed hope" of the Christian in the personal, premillennial, and imminent coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to gather the Church "which is His body" unto Him.
VII. That the Holy Spirit enters, seals, and baptizes one the moment he is born into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ, and that He endues, guides, teaches, sanctifies, empowers, and keeps the believer eternally secure.
IX. Salvation, the effect of regeneration by the Spirit and the Word, not by works but by grace through faith in the shed blood of Christ.
X. The abiding presence and ministry of the Holy Spirit in each regenerate life.